Here are some guidelines how to use our natural Ozonated (Ozonized) Olive Oil products.

Acne & Pimples: Wash face & apply Gel twice daily.  Very inflammed areas can be covered with Gel every hour.  Gel assist to improve the circulation to the skin and helps detoxify the skin as well as prevent blemishes. Wash face with ozonated water if possible to assist to reduce inflammation even further.

Athelete’s Foot: Apply Gel to clean, dry feet 2 to 3 times daily or even more often. Gel has strong anti-fungal properties.

Bruises:  Apply Gel to bruised area as often as possible.  It helps reduce inflammation, heal cellular tissues and speed the healing process.

Chapped Lips:  Apply Gel directly to lips to encourage rapid healing.  Use instead of lip gloss for a natural chemical free shine.

Cradle Cap:  Mix ½ teaspoon Gel with a small amount of non-toxic shampoo and leave on scalp for 5 to 10 minutes.  Gel can also be applied directly to area.

Cuts, wounds, bed sores:  Gel is a first-aid remedy for all types of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound healing properties.  If a burning sensation occours, it is due to a bacterial infection.  Apply every hour for the first 2 days.  Gel acts as mild anesthetic and encourages a rich flow of blood to the damaged area.  Apply 2-3 times daily thereafter.

Dandruff and other Scalp conditions:  Wash hair, then apply Ozonated Gel directly to scalp.  Massage thoroughly into scalp.  Wrap hair in warm towel and leave on for one hour if possible.

Dermatitis/Eczema:  Apply to affected skin areas twice daily.  For a lipodermic bath, add 1 teaspoon of Gel to a tub water to help heal and soothe skin. To accelerate healing apply a small amount every hour for the first 2 to 3 days.

Diaper Rash:  Apply directly to affected rash areas.  It help to relieve pain and inflammation and promotes healing.  Apply after every nappy change until healed.  Add a few drops to baby’s bath as a natural moisturizer instead of using petroleum products.

Ear Ache:  Massage Gel around the painful area to help relieve pain.  Place some gel on a small cotton ball and insert gently into the outer ear.  Leave in place for one hour.

Flea Bites (for cats and dogs): Helps relieve severe skin irritation, reduce redness, heals skin.  Wipe the animals coat with a moist sponge sprinkled with 10 or 20 drops of Gel.  Also mix a small amount in food for a shinier brighter coat.

Headache:  Massage Gel into the affected area (such as temples, forehead or base of skull) to encourage free blood flow and less congestion.

Hemorrhoids & Fissures:  Apply Gel to the anal area to help relieve itching, pain and irritation.  Apply 2 to 3 times per day until healed.

Liver Detoxification:  Gel may be massaged over the liver area on the right side underneath rib cage to promote and assist detoxification.

Mosquito Bites & Bee Stings:  Apply Gel to affected areas and rub in gently.  It helps to take the itch out of the bites quickly, acts as an antiseptic, promotes healing.  Apply as often as required.

Muscular Aches and Pains:  Gently massage Gel into affected areas to help relieve muscular spasms, cramps and pain.  Gel is especially helpful for lower back pain, neck pain and arthritis-type pain.

Nail Fungus:  Cut the nail back as far as possible.  Then rub in Gel.  Fungus cannot live in the presence of activated oxygen.  Apply 3-5 times daily.

Perspiration:  Gel can be used as a gentle, natural effective deodorant and will not irritate delicate underarm tissues.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster):  Gel helps heal skin lesions quickly, stop pain and gently soothe the skin.  Apply at least 2 to 3 times per day until healing is complete. Please note that Shingles is a Viral Infection in the body and the Gel will only treat the topical symptoms.

Sunburn and other skin burns:  Gel can help provide instant relieve from heat rash, sunburn and sore skin due to its excellent healing properties.  It can also help prevent blistering if applied immediately.  Also assist to reduce pain.

Toothache:  Rub a small dab of Gel into the gum around the painful tooth 2 to 3 times daily.  This helps clear pain, kill bacteria and promote healing.

Undesirable skin lesions:  Mix a few drops of Gel with liquid cod liver oil in the palm of your hand.  Then apply to lesions 2 to 3 times daily.

White spots (caused by a fungus):  The fungicidal properties of ozone help provide rapid solution of white spots on the skin.  Apply Gel directly to areas 3-6 times daily.

Cellulite:  Apply 2-3 times daily to affected areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Also enquire about steam sauna ozone therapy to assist with the reduction of cellulite.

Skin Moisturizer and night cream:  Use on body and face for an excellent natural moisturizer.  Use as a day/night cream to promote oxygen flow to the skin, reduce wrinkles and add a healthy glow to your skin within weeks.  Please note that the skin will detoxify and pimples and blemishes might appear worse initially.  You can apply the Gel every hour to speed up the detoxification process and promote healing.