Oxygen Skin Natural Deodorant




This natural deodorant with bentonite clay will detoxify your underarms from toxins due to the use of conventional deodorants.
Oxygen Enriched oils will further detoxify, kill harmful bacteria and leave your skin healthy and soft. The mineralized water provides your skin with much needed nutrients and helps fight odors.

May assist in lightening the underarms with daily use.

Ingredients: Ozonized Olive Oil, Mineralized Water, Bentonite Clay, Ozonized Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil, MSM,
Calendula, Benzoin, Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide.

Packaged in glass – 50ml

Allow to dry before getting dressed.  This is a natural product and may separate from standing.  Always shake the bottle before use.

Bentonite clay will initially detoxify your underarms from any harmful chemicals from using conventional deodorants.



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